Let yourself be carried away during 3 hours in the city center of Brussels by a local guide. You will discover 4 places completely different where people of Brussels love to relax and enjoy. Their common point? All propose delicious beers.

  • A trendy brewery where 'hipsters' will feel at home
  • A new bar that brews it's own beer
  • A café where yo will taste the delicious 'gueuze' produced in Brussels
  • A bar located in one of the most beautiful places of Brussels

But, as Brussels is not only about beers, you will also learn about its history and culture. During the tour, you will pass through majestic places of the belgian capital.

To discover Brussels with a delicious hopped taste in the mouth, it's now possible!

Price : 35,00€ includes taxes, the 4 beers and the guide.

Born and bred in Brussels we are two brothers proud of our city.
One is a journalist working for a national newspaper and fond of social and sport life in Brussels. The other worked with different political figures in Brussels for years and is passionate about the European Union. Will you recognize who is who?

But the most important : we have lived here for 30 years so we do understand the Brussels way of life. We just want to share it with you.

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